Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover...!

"Red Rover, Red Rover...!"
(are you linking arms?)
By Carrie Wilkerson

In my job -- I work primarily with women. As a matter of fact, my husband is the only "non-chic" on staff or in the client base. (lucky guy :) And while I love working at home and being "in charge" of my income and my schedule (scary as that seems) - it can sometimes be lonesome and overwhelming!

It took me awhile to realize that I did not have to be in business BY myself! I could join forces with other women and make some great friends(men and women) that were like-minded!

(Don't tell anyone...but I'm even very close friends with many women who are in direct competition with my company.) GASP!!!

And...hang onto your chair -- I will also admit that I even MENTOR many of them in business so that they will be more successful! (EEK!)

I have even had gals work FOR me that then left my company to start something similar and I helped them get started.

WHY? Why would I do such a thing? That is SOOOOO un-business-like!

Well...what I have found is that we are stronger and more powerful when we hold onto each other. Have you ever heard that "two heads are better than one?"

And what about Mary Kay Ash's famous philosophy that "if you have an idea and I have an idea - then we EACH have JUST ONE idea...but if you share your idea with me and I do the same...we EACH have TWO ideas!"

Brilliant! And in a spiritual sphere, I've also heard it said that each of us are angels with just one wing...and we can only fly by embracing one another...)

This reminds me of the playground game from elementary school...the game where you have two lines facing each other and someone from the "other" team tries to break through your team's line.

RED ROVER -- remember that one??

You can stand beside each other, not can hold hands or you can link arms with each other. Which do you think makes the strongest bond?

You're right! Linking arms makes us a powerful force...personally and professionally!

Look around you today - who can you link arms with?

Maybe it's time you linked arms with your spouse and kids for a stronger family!

Maybe you should link arms with your co-workers?

What about other members of your congregation or neighborhood?

What about other men and women in business or building a business!

I know you will be thrilled with the results when you begin proactively "linking arms" this week!

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