Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zindagi hai choti, har pal mein khush raho...

Zindagi hai choti, har pal mein khush raho...

Office me khush reho, ghar mein khush raho...

Aaj paneer nahi hai, dal mein hi khush raho...

Aaj gym jane ka samay nahi, do kadam chal ke he khush raho...

Aaj Dosto ka sath nahi, TV dekh ke hi khush raho...

Ghar ja nahi sakte to phone kar ke hi khush raho...

Aaj koi naraaz hai, uske iss andaz mein bhi khush raho...

Jisse dekh nahi sakte uski awaz mein hi khush raho...

Jisse paa nahi sakte uske yaad mein he khush raho

MBA karne ka socha tha, S/W mein he khush raho...

Laptop na mila to kya, Desktop mein hi khush raho...

Bita hua kal ja chuka hai, usse meeti yaadein hai, unme he khush raho...

Aane wale pal ka pata nahi... sapno mein he khush raho...

Haste haste ye pal bitaenge, aaj mein he khush raho...

Zindagi hai choti, har pal main khush raho...

Just P.U.S.H

A man was sleeping one night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with Light, and God appeared. The Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push against the rock with all his might. So, this the man did, day after day.

     For many years he toiled from sun up to sun down, his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock, pushing with all of his might. Each night the man returned to his cabin sore and worn out, feeling that his whole day had been spent in vain.

     Since the man was showing discouragement, the adversary (Satan) decided to enter the picture by placing thoughts into the weary mind: "You have been pushing against that rock for a long time, and it hasn't moved." Thus, he gave the man the impression that the task was impossible and that he was a failure. These thoughts discouraged and disheartened the man.

     Satan said, "Why kill yourself over this? Just put in your time, giving just the minimum effort; and that will be good enough." So that's what the weary man planned to do, but decided to make it a Matter of Prayer and to take his troubled thoughts to the Lord.

     "Lord," he said, "I have labored long and hard in your service, putting all my strength to do that which you have asked. Yet, after all this time, I have not even budged that rock by half a millimeter. What is wrong? Why am I failing? The Lord responded compassionately, "My friend, when I asked you to serve Me and you accepted, I told you that your task was to push against the rock with all of your strength, which you have done. Never once did I mention to you that I expected you to move it. Your task was to push. And now you come to Me with your strength spent, thinking that you have failed. But, is that really so?

     "Look at yourself. Your arms are strong and muscled, your back sinewy and brown; your hands are callused from constant pressure, your legs have become massive and hard. Through opposition you have grown much, and your abilities now surpass that which you used to have.

     "True, you haven't moved the rock. But your calling was to be obedient and to push and to exercise your faith and trust in My wisdom. That you have done. Now I, my friend, will move the rock."
     **At times, when we hear a word from God, we tend to use our own intellect to decipher what He wants, when actually what God wants is just a simple obedience and faith in Him. By all means, exercise the faith that moves mountains, but know that it is still God who moves the mountains.**

When everything seems to go wrong... just P.U.S.H.!

When the job gets you down ... just P.U.S.H.!

When people don't react the way you think they should... just P.U.S.H.

When your money is "gone" and the bill is due.... just P.U.S.H.!

When people just don't understand you... just P.U.S.H.!

Monday, January 30, 2012

God's Plan

Once upon a mountain top, three little trees stood and dreamed of what they wanted to become when they grew up. 

The first little tree looked up at the stars and said: "I want to hold treasure. I want to be covered with gold and filled with precious stones. I'll be the most beautiful treasure chest in the world!" 

The second little tree looked out at the small stream trickling by on it's way to the ocean. "I want to be traveling mighty waters and carrying powerful kings. I'll be the strongest ship in the world!" 

The third little tree looked down into the valley below where busy men and women worked in a busy town. "I don't want to leave the mountain top at all. I want to grow so tall that when people stop to look at me, they'll raise their eyes to heaven and think of God. I will be the tallest tree in the world." 

Years passed. The rain came, the sun shone, and the little trees grew tall. One day three woodcutters climbed the mountain. 

The first woodcutter looked at the first tree and said, "This tree is beautiful. It is perfect for me." With a swoop of his shining axe, the first tree fell. "Now I shall be made into a beautiful chest, I shall hold wonderful treasure!" The first tree said. 

The second woodcutter looked at the second tree and said, "This tree is strong. It is perfect for me." With a swoop of his shining axe, the second tree fell. "Now I shall sail mighty waters!" thought the second tree. "I shall be a strong ship for mighty kings!" 

The third tree felt her heart sink when the last woodcutter looked her way. She stood straight and tall and pointed bravely to heaven. But the woodcutter never even looked up. "Any kind of tree will do for me. "He muttered. With a swoop of his shining axe, the third tree fell. 

The first tree rejoiced when the woodcutter brought her to a carpenter's shop. But the carpenter fashioned the tree into a feedbox for animals. The once beautiful tree was not covered with gold, nor with treasure. She was coated with sawdust and filled with hay for hungry farm animals. 

The second tree smiled when the woodcutter took her to a shipyard, but no mighty sailing ship was made that day. Instead the once strong tree was hammered and sawed into a simple fishing boat. She was too small and too weak to sail to an ocean, or even a river; instead she was taken to a little lake. 

The third tree was confused when the woodcutter cut her into strong beams and left her in a lumberyard. "What happened?" The once tall tree wondered. "All I ever wanted was to stay on the mountain top and point to God." 

Many days and night passed. The three trees nearly forgot their dreams. But one night, golden starlight poured over the first tree as a young woman placed her newborn baby in the feedbox. "I wish I could make a cradle for him," her husband whispered. The mother squeezed his hand and smiled as the starlight shone on the smooth and the sturdy wood." This manger is beautiful," she said. And suddenly the first tree knew he was holding the greatest treasure in the world. 

One evening a tired traveler and his friends crowded into the old fishing boat. The traveler fell asleep as the second tree quietly sailed out into the lake. Soon a thundering and thrashing storm arose. The little tree shuddered. She knew she did not have the strength to carry so many passengers safely through with the wind and the rain. The tired man awakened. He stood up, stretched out his hand, and said, "Peace." The storm stopped as quickly as it had begun. Suddenly the second tree knew he was carrying the king of heaven and earth. 

One Friday morning, the third tree was startled when her beams were yanked from the forgotten woodpile. She flinched as she was carried through an angry jeering crowd. She shuddered when soldiers nailed a man's hands to her. She felt ugly and harsh and cruel. But on Sunday morning, when the sun rose and the earth tremble with joy beneath her, the third tree knew that God's love had changed everything. It had made the third tree strong. And every time people thought of the third tree, they would think of God. That was better than being the tallest tree in the world. 

So next time you feel down because you didn't get what you want, just sit tight and be happy because God is thinking of something better to give you. 

What U See is Not Always TRUE

What U See is Not Always TRUE!!

So think a while whenever you react to someone..... !!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Why do we keep living in fear... and blocking our blessings?

It’s because people don’t think they deserve the blessings and the good things. People think they’re not good enough. When you ask someone what they really want, they usually answer with a list of things they don’t want... Life is like a boomerang. What you give out, you’re going to get it back. What we believe about ourselves and our life is going to come true for us. If you keep telling the Universe what you don’t want, how can it give you what you want?

Don't be Afraid of Pressure…

An old legend says that God first created birds without wings. Sometime later, God made wings and said to the birds, "Come, take up these burdens and bear them."

The birds hesitated at first, but soon obeyed. They tried picking up the wings in their beaks, but found them too heavy. Then they tried picking them up with their claws, but found them too large. Finally one of the birds managed to get the wings hoisted onto its shoulders where it was possible to carry them. To the amazement of the birds, before long the wings began to grow and they soon had attached themselves to the bodies of the birds.

One of the birds began to flap his wings and others followed his example. Shortly afterwards, one of the birds took off and began to soar in the air above. What had once been a heavy burden now became the very thing that enabled the birds to go where they could never go before...and at the same time, truly fulfill the destiny of their creation.

The duties and responsibilities you count as burdens today may be part of God's destiny for your life, the means by which your soul is lifted up and prepared for eternity.

Don't be afraid of pressure. Remember that pressure is what turns a lump of coal into a diamond.

You know the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything

Broad way or narrow one ???

There's a broad way that leads to death and a narrow way that leads to life. The broad path is easy to live on. There are all kind of people in the world on the broad path, then there's also a narrow path and there are not a lot of people that walk in the narrow path but one's that do, they are the world changers. The one's that do, they are living a life that other people want. There's just something about them. It takes discipline.

Whatever you want, give something of it first and then you can have it. There's a way that you can have every single thing that GOD says you can have but it's not just by praying for it, you've got to give something away first. You worried about the economy, don't you dare stop giving; you are worried about losing your job, increase your giving; are you lonely, go be friendly; do you need help, go help somebody; do you need prayer, start praying for people; do you need mercy, start being merciful.

You can have anything that GOD says you can have but you only reap according to what you sow. And that doesn't just work off some time, it works everyday in our life all day long twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, we reap what we sow… 

We are God's candle...

One evening a man took a small candle from a box and began to climb a long winding stairway. "Where are we going?" asked the candle. "We're going up higher than a house to show the ships the way to the harbor." "But no ship in the harbor could ever see my light," the candle said. "It is so very small." "If your light is small," the man said "just keep on burning brightly and leave the rest to me." When they reached the top of the long stairs, they came to a large lamp. Then he took the little candle and lit the lamp. Soon the large polished mirrors behind the lamp sent beams of fight out across the miles of sea.
We are God's candle. Our job is to keep on shining. The success of our work is in His hands. A tiny candle or match can start a forest fire. The little flame of your good example can actually change the lives of others without you knowing it. Be a light to them like the beacon light in the story which guided the ships to safe harbor.

God's Perfection...

God made the mountains
Kiss the clouds
That we may look up beyond
Our own small world
And strive to reach great heights.
He made the ocean wide and mighty
To remind us of the
Greatness of his love
And the power of his strength.
He frosts the earth with
Diamonds in the winter
To reveal the riches that
Await us in heaven,
And he awakens the earth
With a profusion of lilacs and daffodils
In the spring to show us that
We've been given
The gift of eternal life.
He has created masterpieces,
And every one of them
Are part of the circle of life and serve
Some great purpose.
From the forests, to the valleys,
Across the dales, and even to the
Most distant twinkling star,
And the early morning mist that
Creeps over the hills,
God has blessed the earth with
His talented hand.
So do you think that God could have
Erred when he made you?
Of course he didn't.
You're perfect,
Exactly what God intended you to be.
As the earth is reborn this spring,
Remember that you're one of
God's great masterpieces
A testament to his infinite
Wisdom and perfection.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Republic Day

One Nation, One Vision, One Identity 
“No Nation is Perfect,
it needs to be made perfect.” 
Meri Pehchaan Mera India 
Happy Republic Day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GOD is One

We have 26 alphabets in English, 

With each alphabet getting a number, in chronological order,
as above, study the following, and bring down the total to a
single digit and see the result yourself 

S  h  r  e  e   K  r  i  s  h  n  a

M u s l i m
M  o  h  a  m  m  e  d

M a  h a v  i  r

G  u  r  u   N  a  n  a  k

Z  a  r  a  t  h  u  s  t  r a

G  a   u  t  a  m

E  s   a  M  e  s  s  i   a  h

  Each one ends with number  



Paying 3 times for the same thing

Paying 3 times for the same thing


Illustration by Ken Crane

There is a legend about a thief who broke into a farm and stole two hundred onions. But before he could make his escape, he was caught by the farmer and led before the judge.

The magistrate past sentence: the payment of ten gold pieces.

But the man alleged that the fine was too high, so the judge offered him two alternatives: to be whipped twenty times, or eat the two hundred onions.

The thief chose to eat the two hundred onions.
When he had eaten twenty-five, his eyes were already filled with tears, and his stomach was burning up like the fires of hell.
Since there were still 175 to go, and he knew he would never bear this punishment, he begged to be thrashed twenty times.

The judge agreed. But when the whip tore into his back for the tenth time, he implored for the punishment to be stopped, for he could not stand the pain.
His wish was granted, but the thief still had to pay the ten pieces of gold.

"If you had accepted the fine, you would have avoided eating the onions and wouldn’t have suffered with whip" said the judge "But you preferred the more difficult path, not understanding that, when you have done wrong, it is better to pay up quickly and forget the matter."

Danger of Perfectionistic Expectations...

Danger of Perfectionistic Expectations
by Jane Powell
“Perfectionism is a state of mind.”
As we pursue change in your life, there are going to be times when you fall back into your old negative patterns. It happens. When it does, most likely you’ll feel completely furious with yourself and consider giving up. But wait! Before you do anything drastic – think about it first.
Believing that if you can’t do something completely right, you may as well not do it at all, is at the heart of perfectionism. And this is something that’s derailed countless people trying to improve their lives.
Here’s the truth: it’s great to want to do something well; most people want to be successful. But that’s not the same as needing to be perfect.
If you’re expecting perfection, you’re almost bound to fail because when it comes to making significant life changes, there’s no such thing as perfection. There will be times that you return to your old ways; times you go a little off track. The real trick is not letting these times throw you completely off course. Regain your composure, praise yourself for the progress you have made so far.
Sometimes there are things in our life that aren't meant to stay. Sometimes change may not be what we want. Sometimes change is what we really need. And sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing you think you'll ever have to do, but sometimes it's saying 'hello again' that breaks you down and makes you the most vulnerable person you'll ever know. Sometimes change is too much to bear, but most of the time change is the only thing saving your life.

Thanks Marcella
Where you belong

Put yourself where you belong. Go with what you know is right for you.

Whatever you most love to do is what you will do best. Places where you love to be, and people you love to be around, will bring out your highest level of effectiveness.

Put yourself in those places and get yourself around those people as much as you can. Be where you belong and you’ll be your very best.
When something feels right, that means it is right for you. Pay attention to your authentic feelings, and follow where they lead.
It’s not frivolous or selfish to do what you love. When you’re doing what you love, you’re able to give the best of who you are.

Be the way you want to be, feel the way you like to feel and do the things you wish to do. Get yourself where you truly belong, and live your own special greatness.

Ralph Marston

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mind in your Mind...

A Mystic was walking through the market-place with his disciples. They saw a man dragging a cow by a rope. The mystic told the man to wait and asked his disciples to surround them. 
“I am going to teach you something” and continued “Tell me who is bound to whom? Is the cow bound to this man or the man is bound to the cow?” 
The disciples said without hesitation “Of course, the cow is bound to the man. The man is the master. He is holding the rope. The cow has to follow him wherever he goes. The man is the master and the cow is the slave.” 
“Now watch this” said the mystic and took scissors from his bag and cut the rope. The cow ran away from the master. The man ran after his cow! 
“Look, what is happening.” said the mystic. “Do you see who the Master is? The cow is not at all interested in this man. The cow in fact, is escaping from this man. This is the case with our MIND. 
All the unnecessary things that we carry inside are not interested in us. WE ARE INTERESTED IN IT, we are keeping it together somehow or the other. We are going mad trying to keep it all together under our control. The moment we lose interest in all the unnecessary things filled in our head, the moment we understand the futility of it, it will start to disappear. Like the cow, it will escape and disappear." 
There is no need to stop the mind from thinking non-essential things. All one needs to do, is to become disinterested in its mumbo jumbo. Then the 'rope' will be cut. 
That is the real meaning of SANYAS (RENUNCIATION OF DESIRES) - To become disinterested in the mind. That is the real meaning of VAIRAGYA (DETACHMENT). It has nothing to do with renouncing the world but everything to do with the cutting of the 'rope' to the mind.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Grace of God.

The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him, and every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming.

Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the elements and to store his few possessions. But then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, the smoke rolling up to the sky.

The worst had happened; everything was lost. He was stunned with grief and anger. "God, how could you do this to me!" he cried. Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. "How did you know I was here?" asked the weary man of his rescuers. "We saw your smoke signal," they replied.

It is easy to get discouraged when things are going badly. But we shouldn't lose heart, because God is at work in our lives, even in the midst of pain and suffering. Remember, next time your little hut is burning to the ground--it just may be a smoke signal that summons The Grace of God.