Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dandelion Seed (Poem By Inspired)

Dandelion Seed (Poem By Inspired)

Like a dandelion seed I sway
In life's eternal breeze
Hoping winds of fate are warm and light
To carry me with ease

Lifted high with gentleness
From one chapter to another
Along the way the winds deceived
Unleashed bitter gales to smother

Weak from the struggle I'm grounded
Lost and feeling blind
Reflecting on my journey
Strengthens my soul I find

The familiar gusts of friendship
Help release me from my tether
Encouraging me to face my fears
To banish pain I shall endeavor

My senses feel a warming breeze
A healing touch to which I'm drawn
Lifts me with pure energy
Awakening my new dawn

My journey will hold more difficult gales
In fates unspoken muse
But growth within will shield my soul
And its only time I'll lose

For every step in life I take
From now and since my birth
I know spirits winds will guide me
Until my return to mother earth.

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