Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reaching Goals is Easy.

Reaching Goals is Easy.

Till Sheshan became the Election Commission head, I did not know anything about it. If it weren't for Jaikar Jerome, BDA would have wound up. If it wasn't for Raja Ram Mohan Roy, we would not have so many ladies at the helm of affairs which we see today. What made them achieve what they did? – Right thinking, right habits and routines towards the right goals!

They chose not to accept the present condition but chose to be responsible and change themselves. They did not want to be like their predecessors who complained about prevalent conditions and improper colleagues. India badly needs such 'Enthusiastic Change Agents' who can keep the tempo of India's growth on top gear. For this, our teens and youth need to work on mind set re-structuring. It is very simple. We just have to work on helping them to identify their cycle of negative thoughts and replace them with the right habits and routines. At the same time, these negative thoughts, which are mostly due to the conditioning at home and school/ college, should be avoided.

When the thinking, habits & routines are directed towards common soulful goals, reaching them becomes easy. We become self-starters and get into a flow. How one thinks / reads about the end results of the goals, help form good/ bad habits. If a fat person thinks nice things about the tasty food, he feels like eating it. However, if he visualizes it to be making him fatter and sick with cholesterol, he will automatically avoid it. Keep reading the card with the advantages of the good habits and sail through towards your Goals!

Ajit Kaikini – Director, Growth & Corporate Training

A motivational speaker who inspires his audience to

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