Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Future is Bright - Its that time of the year again!

The Future is Bright – Its that time of the year again!


It's that time of year again: time to take inventory of the past twelve months and make plans for the year ahead.


Traditionally, we make the usual new year's resolutions: "I will stop smoking this year"; "I will take more time for my family"; "I will read more books"...


Maybe this is the year, though, to contemplate not just restocking the emotional and physical shelves, but replenishing those empty spaces with something deeper and more meaningful.


Just take a moment and think about who you were just 5 years ago.

What were your dreams and wishes? What were your fears and worries? What were your fundamental beliefs, opinions and points of view about yourself, humanity and the world around you?


Now take a look inside and ask yourself the same questions about who you are today.

I am quite sure you are a very different person.


We're living in an exciting time! Human consciousness is expanding faster than at any other time in history.


Historically, it took centuries for major shifts of consciousness to take place. In our own lifetimes, we have witnessed quantum leaps in consciousness in intervals of decades, years and sometimes even months.


More and more people are moving into self-exploration.

Workshops, spiritual exploration and alternative therapies are not fringe New-Age "hocus pocus" anymore-they are mainstream practices that traditionally raised and educated business people, lawyers, doctors, scientists and other professionals are seeking out and participating in to allow them to explore, trust and understand their inner selves.


This shift from dependency on outer-objective reality to the exploration and understanding of inner-subjective reality in order to co-create a new, more satisfying, more fulfilling, more friendly outer-physical reality, is a major shift in consciousness.


People are learning, finally, that they create their own reality. They are beginning to understand that they have a purpose in this life, and are taking steps to find and realize that purpose.


And as Richard Bach wrote, "How would you know if your mission on earth is accomplished? If you're alive - it's not".


Look at your past experiences and see how they connect together in perfect harmony - people, events, circumstances, insights - how they all were perfectly orchestrated to bring you to this moment in time. Every moment of our past has led us to the present.


Now, if you look at your future from this perspective, everything you do from this day forward will directly lead to your future-either good or bad. It is up to you to commit to reaching for your purpose in life.


Not sure what that purpose is yet? It doesn't have to be lofty or heroic-maybe your purpose is simply to reach for the highest in yourself. The only person who can do that is you.


Just tell yourself - "There is a purpose for me being here this time. I have a mission. Even if I don't know what my mission is - it is still there, waiting for me to accomplish it."


There are, sadly, few great teachers, masters and gurus in today's world to lead us on our mission. Instead, we need to look within ourselves and around us for "enlightened friendships." Everybody has something to teach us if we are watching and listening closely.


Make contact with someone you think you can learn from-a mentor of sorts. Choose to come closer, and allow others to come closer to you.

Share your wisdom, your experiences, your past failures and successes - your lessons-and absorb those of others.


We often struggle along in the dark, paradoxically separated from the important things in life by the technologies designed for our ultimate convenience and productivity. Life has become faster, more intense, busier, but also emptier.


It is time to slow down and think about that personal inventory. What do you want to fill up your emotional and spiritual shelves with this year? Once you have the list, start shopping for supplies. Maybe your list includes peace and relaxation, or creative inspiration, or contributing to your community.


It may take several trips and some true exploring for what is most valuable. You may not find what you are looking for right away. Don't give up! Stay focused on your mission and you will eventually come to the right place.


Once you find what you are looking for, display it proudly, and open the doors to let the light in.


The future is bright!





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