Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is Life Fair!

Is Life Fair!

“The film chosen for the Oscar is not very good. The one in my regional language is a much better film and it is not fair because, the producer director does not have the money as needed to push his film for recognition” said a software engineer, who was on an outbound programme with me.

When I told him that life wasn’t fair, he refused to believe. “We will get fruits depending upon our effort and success comes to those who act!” said he.

I asked him what is success and he said “See, I did my engineering and now I get paid well however, my lazy friend had done his degree in commerce and is an accountant getting less than half of my salary.” Which lecturer did you like in your college I asked? What has he done? What is his salary? Ya, I liked the HOD of information science and he has done his Ph.D. He gets good salary but it is less than mine said he.

Is life fair then? On contacting his friend and the lecturer, I realized that they had more time with their families, time to play their games in the evenings and loved what they did! This person did not have it. Why a child in a slum has a smile though it does not know whether it will get food at night whereas, one who has all the facilities may not have one? Why the best doctors could not save a rich man in a high tech hospital and a man from the slums with heart attack still sailed through though he could not afford even a nursing home? Is life fair?

So, life not being fair, accept the cards that have been dealt to you to have a smile on your face!

Contributed by Mr. Ajit Kaikini – Director, Growth & Corporate Training
A motivational speaker who inspires his audience to Better their Best!

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