Saturday, March 15, 2008

Learn by Doing...

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Learn By Doing
The way to know is to do. You cannot know fully how something is to be done until you actually get started on it.
So go ahead and get started. From where you are, in this moment, take one first step forward, and once that step has been taken, look for another you can take.
What if you're not doing it the right way? You'll know soon enough that some changes are needed.
And you will not only have the opportunity to adjust your approach. You'll also have a better idea of what those adjustments should be.
Certainly you can seek the advice of others, and work to prepare yourself as best you know how. Yet to truly make progress, you must eventually make the leap of faith that consists of stepping forward and taking action.
Though you can learn much from studying the experience of others, the techniques that will work best for you are the ones you develop as you go along. Learn by doing, and in the doing you will achieve great things.

Contributed by: Aarthi-Born to Win

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