Saturday, March 8, 2008


AP for the first six months
Bonding and building trust is very important at this stage.

Bond with the baby immediately after birth, like letting the baby feel your skin and smell and talking to the baby and cuddling the baby
Breast feed for nutrition and bonding.
Feed on demand. Do not feed on schedule
Carry and rock the baby as often as possible every day
Talk, sing to baby as often as possible
Co sleep
Swaddle the baby and help the baby to sleep like cradling rocking and singing
No cry it out sleeping strategy
Never ever ignore a baby’s cry. Baby’s under six months don’t cry for no reason. Always respond to the cry.
The baby’s needs and wants come first no ifs no buts always baby first. make the baby happy at all times.
is baby sucks thumb let it do not stop
play play play laugh laugh laugh with the baby

for stimulation
walk outside
sign and read books
play sensory games especially with touch and taste
read a book
provide lots of opportunity and clean toys to touch....

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